5 days- 112 km | 30. 07. 2018. – 04. 08. 2018


You are welcome to join our team of explorers to see  the most beautiful conservationist territories of Hungary. The Fjällräven Vándortúra is a  5 day long traditional Hungarian nomad experience starting from Vinye, ending at Káptalantóti.

The Staff of the experience, enthusiasm and proficiency necessary to organize and execute trouble-free and entertaining nomad trips.  If you decide to join us you are going to have a good time while getting acquainted with the wilderness of Hungary.

Every minute spent in Mother Nature’s realm gets you a step closer to find inner peace.



Day 1: Vinye – Bakonybél

The Likas-kő guest house lurks in the woods at the edge of Vinye, in the Valley of Hódos-ér, where the base camp awaits for the wanderers and the adventure begins. Starting from Vinye the team will head towards one of the most beautiful valleys of Bakony, the Cuha. The track turns out of the valley at the Porva-Csesznek train station and turns to the highest point of The Bakony, the Kőris-hegy (703 m), touching Porva village. All the surroundings can be seen from the Vajda Péter viewpoint. Climbing down on the blue track, the end of the day is in Bakonybél, the camp located near to the Pálos monastery, at the Borostyán-kút.

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GPX | Distance to travel: 26,2 km | Necessary climbing: 613 m | descending: 623 m


Day 2: Bakonybél – Csehbánya

Leaving Bakonybél, the participants will go deep into the woods and meadows through the untouched amazing landscapes of high Bakony. Later the wanderers arrive to the checkpoint Ráktanya, then will climbing down to the valley of Gella creek via the saddle of Rend stone. Soon we turn to red track through which we arrive to Csehbánya. The campsite located at the edge of the village, on a site called grund.


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GPX | Distance to travel: 16,2 km | Necessary climbing: 465 m | descending: 377 m


Day 3: Csehbánya – Úrkút

Climbing up from Csehbánya to the saddle of Bodza-tető the team will head towards Farkasgyepü’s Pisztrángos-tó relax point on the nature trail called bead path. Succeeding onwards on the macadam lane, the team arrive to the highway 83, which we must follow along the dirt road for 3 kilometers. Leaving the highway the wanderers reach the Bíró Valley via green cross track, towards to next checkpoint, Három-forrás. Later after crossing highway 8 we arrive to Kislőd. The next place to stop by is the Sobri-Jóska adventure park located at the other end of the village. You can have a great time to relax here, including a dip in the lake here. Keep in mind the rest 6 kilometers remaining to the campsite at the football pale in Úrkút.



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GPX | Distance to travel: 21,32 km | Necessary climbing: 358 m | descending: 295 m


Day 4: Úrkút – Mencshely

On the fourth day we climb up to Kab-hegy. Following the highway shortly we turn to the woods to the blue track leads off to a road which goes up to the peak. After enjoying the view, the team climb down on the blue cross track. Reaching the base of the hill Nagyvázsony appears in the distance. The checkpoint of the day is in front of the inn at the foot of the Kinizsi Castle. Continue the adventure on the blue towards Pálos monastery ruins. Afterwards pay special attention to the ribbons, because the remaining route goes through unmarked path. The adventure passing trough Nemesleányfalu towards to the campsite at Mencshely.



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GPX | Distance to travel: 23,63 km | Necessary climbing: 356 m | descending: 454 m


Day 5: Mencshely – Káptalantóti

Leaving from Mencshely on the red track the team climb down to Balatonhenye passing next to the vineyards and groves of Szentjakabfa. Later on we climb up to the Fekete-hegy viewpoint where we have a good sight of landscape of the Balaton and the surroundings. Afterwards we climb down again to Szentbékkálla, where today’s checkpoint is at the Kőtenger. Then the wanderers stroll to the famous stone sea. The limestone sediments are like giant’s pebbles left here by inland sea  11 million years ago. Hiking onwards we touch Mindszentkálla, where we head to Halvagos-hegy. After conquering the hilltop, the track leads to a refresh point at Piroska’s wine cellar. After getting well rested we have a choice, one way is to hike straight into Káptalantóti, to finish, or we can choose the latest challenge, the Csobánc hill, where the sight to the Tapolcai cove is superb. Afterwards descending from the hill, the fellow hikers reach the finish.



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GPX | Distance to travel: 25,69 km | Necessary climbing: 485 m | descending: 699 m

Fjällräven Vándortúra regulations

The registration fee in 2018 is 60000 HUF.

3 days registration fee 45.000 HUF to the last 3 days of the hike.

  1. Participation on the Vándortúra is unbound being a member of the organizer Equinox Trekking Club organization is not required.
  2. Whoever want to participate only should fill the registration form and transfer the fee whithin 5 days to the organizers Equinox Trekking Club Organization bank account at Gránit Bank.
  • Beneficiary name:Equinox TCE
  • Beneficiary bank account IBAN number: HU61 1210 0011 1762 4099 0000 0000
  • Beneficiary bank BIC (SWIFT) code: GNBAHUHB
  • Enter your name and registration id as the remark.
  • If the transfer wont arrive within 5 banking day, your registration will be cancelled.
  1. Only individuals without any known injury, illness or infection risking the health of her/himself or fellow hikers or hinder the attendance can participate the hike

The registration fee covers:

  • Bus transfers
  • Accommodation during the whole trip
  • Warm dishes at campsites
  • Luggage storage
  • Survival Kit
  • Medical insurance

Contents of the Survival Kit:

Canned food, Gas cylinder, Booklet for stamps, Relevant map, Bags for containing produced trash

Medical care:

Every campsite is equipped with the necessary medications and instruments that are necessary to take care of traumas as fast as possible.
We also ensure safety with hired professional nurses whom are at service at each campsite of the hike.



Conditions of cancellation:

Cancellation on the organizer side:
The Vándortura will be canceled in case less than 50 people register. The Organization reserves the right to cancel the hike in vis major cases (such as harsh weather conditions, transportation difficulties, high risk of accidents or other unpreventable external conditions). Participants to be informed to such cases as soon as possible.
In these cases not the whole fee can be repaid. 20% has to be hold back as preparation cost and this amount will be discounted from further applications.
Cancellation on the participant side:
We don’t offer refunds on tickets. However, you can sell them or even buy sold out tickets at the original price from people not able to use their tickets. The agreement is not handled by us. It’s between the seller and the buyer. However, both the seller and the buyer needs to fill the registration form, and contact us via vandortura@fjallraven.hu.


… consume alcohol or drugs during the hike.
… using vehicles during the trip.
… accommodate anywhere else than the campsites.
… disrespect the regulations set by the National Park.
… take any unnecessary risks during the hike.
… risk the life of others in any way.
… disrespect the selective trash collection.

Other provisions:

Organizers reserve the right to modify the hike’s trail. All participants attend the hike on their own responsibility.
By registering all participants accept all rules and regulations.
No compensation can be claimed by participants from the organizers. However organizers will do everything in their power for participants security. All attendants are ensured by the „Belfödi barangoló” insurance of the Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt.
Organizer is liable for compliance of all detailed programs. Organizer foreclose obligation to fulfill it’s commitment for losses resulted by act of participant of undesirable behavior lack of consideration and prudence or despite of organizers’ order. Participants are liable for all losses caused by themselves for third party members.
The personal data submitting is voluntary and by registering all participants accept that organizers collect, store, and for statistical purposes utilize personal details. They also accept their name will be listed among the participants of the hikers.
Equinox is the data processor and all data provided will only be handled for the purposes of event organization in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.
Organizers declare that the participants personal details will not be consigned for third party members except in cases specified by law.
Any peersonal data will be deleted immediately after completion of the tasks associated with the organization.
You can request the deletion of your personal data from this database at any time by sending a statement to Equinox.
During the trip 10 checkpoints have to be visited, 5 of these are located at the campsites. The participants receive a stamp at every checkpoint, the completion of the hike can be only considered accomplished if all of the stamps are attached in the participant’s booklet in matter.
Dogs are not allowed
Note to dog owners:



Physical preparation:
Get yourself in shape, because during the trip you have to be able to walk for 110 km. while carrying a backpack between 10 and 20 kg in diverse environment.
Feet care:
Remove the hard skin from your feet with a grinder. Use comfortable already tested shoes/boots during the trip. Cover your heels with tape to prevent damage. Use double layered socks. Wash your feet and change socks every day during the hike. If you experience pain take a break and check the region of your body in matter.


Recommended items to take:

  • Quality sleeping bag
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Reserved clothing
  • Lightweight dish
  • Cutlery
  • Raincoat
  • Soap
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare batteries
  • First aid kit
  • General medication and medication in use
  • Repellent
  • Pocket knife
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste



FENIX Outdoor Emerging Markets GmbH

as organiser

  • H-2040 Budaörs Gyár u. 2 (TREND2)
  • Phone: 06 1 452 72 55 (between 11-16 hours)
  • vandortura@fjallraven.hu